These include: multiple sclerosis

Matt Breida, RB, 49ers: Breida (ankle) was limited in Thursday’s practice, which has been his story for most of the season. While Breida has shown promise, he’s going to be tough to count on in a pivotal playoff matchup. Update: Breida is listed as questionable so it’s probably best to stay away..

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On Tuesday morning, 53 year old Gordon Jebb suffered a heart

Person who called 911 was able to save three dogs by getting them out of the barn before police or firefighters arrived on scene, Atkins said in a media release. Homeowner was very thankful that his dogs were rescued. Crews had to set up a tanker truck relay protocol, shuttling water to a portable reservoir set up at the rural farm, which is not serviced by fire hydrants..

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The numbing only helped the skin cause you cant num the

I got my mother on CBD for arthritis. Shes 70, was mildly active. She’s had pretty amazing results. The numbing only helped the skin cause you cant num the vibration from the INSIDE OF YOUR of the worst parts was one of the titanium pins was ribbed (for my pleasure) to keep it in so it wouldnt loosen while I had it in and omg they had to yank it 4 separate times and it slowly just inched out.The doctor had kept telling me that they always used to just do it in the office until recently so I was like oh it can’t be that bad but man was I wrong. I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t think he’d just take a fkin wrench and screw it out. He also said I had strong bones and he had a harder time unscrewing the ones in my arm than normal or something like that.

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